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Tiger Academy

Tiger Academy is an academic enrichment program that will help further student's post-secondary success by providing Career/College/Technical, Social Emotional, Personal/Leadership Development, and Life Skills education. This program is designed to meet Colorado State graduation ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) requirements as well as develop Bennett Tiger students into productive and positive members of society. The goal of this program is to give every student the chance for success in post-high school life and create a lasting impact beyond their time in high school.


Tiger Academy is a semester-long course, which is required annually for all BHS students. By engaging in Tiger Academy students will:

  • Develop an online capstone portfolio that will follow them through their 4 year experience at BHS including the following items for each year:
    • Professional Section
    • Goals Page
    • Career Interest Page 
    • Community Service Page 
    • Skills Page 
    • Personal Page 

Grade-based activities include:

  • Freshmen year students will be paired with a Senior student for a mentor/mentee program as they transition from the middle to high school setting. They will also complete a self-development program.
  • Sophomore year students will complete a leadership-based program.
  • Junior year students will complete job shadowing and internship hours at a job of their choice, as well as a mock job interview.
  • Senior year students will complete a mentorship program and service project throughout their semester, as well as a graduation preparedness presentation to a panel of school and community members. 


Brittaney Hudson
Tiger Academy Teacher