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Creative Learning Center (CLC)

The Creative Learning Center at Bennett Schools provides individualized and high level supports for students requiring social-emotional and behavior regulation for school success. These services are provided by classroom teachers, administrators, CLC paraeducators, special education teachers, social workers, mental health providers, and other clinical staff from BOCES.
The CLC will incorporate the district-wide tier-1 behavior intervention resource, Responsibility Centered Discipline (RCD). This program focuses on students taking accountability for their actions while also creating a plan for positive and appropriate future actions. This system maintains a positive and respectful relationship between the student and staff, while supporting an intrinsic sense of responsibility. Staff and students focus on support, expectations, breakdowns, benefit and closure, moving away from “traditional consequences.” 
In addition, the CLC will focus on daily goal setting and self-reflection, while practicing replacement behaviors, coping skills and strategies, and self-regulation techniques in a safe, structured, and small-group environment. Students will work to fill their own social-emotional “Tool Box,” that will support their transition back into their general education setting.
Students in the CLC will participate in individual and group social-emotional and mental wellness therapy sessions as part of the CLC program and/or as part of their IEP services. These group and individual sessions may be supported by a social worker/mental health provider or special education staff member. Individualized interventions will target specific behaviors for each student as well as wrap-around family support. 
Ciara Headley, BS UP, CAMS
CLC Special Education Teacher 
303-644-3234 x 5410
Katherine Garcia, MA, LAC, MAC
District Behavioral Health Specialist/Mental Health Provider
303-644-3234 x 7335
Jacqueline Rediger
CLC Paraprofessional
Torey Lindroos
CLC Paraprofessional
Miguel Estrada
CLC Paraprofessional