District Accountability Committee

2020-2021 District Accountability Representatives:
Chair: Amy Kirkwood
Vice Chair: Shawn Voorhies
Secretary: Kara Shroyer 
Middle School Representative: Amelia DuPont
High School Representative: Stephen Hollingshead 
Primary Elementary Representative: Wendy Rhyne
Intermediate Elementary Representative: Michelle Davis
Preschool Representative:Stacey Moler
Community Member: Amy Kirkwood
Board Member: Melissa Walkup
Parent Members: Mary Ortiz, Sandy Kane, Nicole Harrell, Hannah Green, Carol Reszka, Anakaren Perez, and Kendra Hawes
Superintendent: Robin Purdy

District 2020-2021 Accountability Meetings will begin at 6:00 pm and are held over Zoom at the following link:



October 13th, November 10th, February 9th, and April 13th.

There are no DAC meetings in the months of September, December, January, and March unless it is determined that there is a need for one.