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Bennett School District supports all parties that are eager to apply for grants to support BSD Programs. 
All parties that are applying for a grant that is connected to Bennett School District are required to receive written approval prior to applying for a grant.  This process includes all District Programs, District Employees, Non-profit groups such as, Booster Clubs and outside of district community groups/businesses. The following guidelines, procedures, and deadlines outlined in the application below will ensure that your application receives proper consideration.
Download the Grant Application Form and Grant Budget Worksheet below and submit them to the District Grant Coordinator, JaLee Kitzman, [email protected]
All Grant Approval Forms should be submitted three months before your desired grant opens. 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding Bennett School District's grant approval process or your current grant cycle please contact our District Grant Coordinator:
JaLee Kitzman
303-644-3234 x 7009