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District Staff

District Office

Mailing Address

615 7th Street
Bennett, CO 80102
303-644-4121 (F)

Physical Address

Located in Bennett High School

610 7th Street

Superintendent of Schools:
Mrs. Robin Purdy 


Human Resources/Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent/Secretary to the Board/Election Official/Home School Liason and Homeless Liason

Mrs. Debra Matis,  X8202
Email: Debram@bsd29j.com

Facilities Manager 

Mr. Luke Barden, X8487

Email: Lukeb@bsd29j.com


Mr. Sam Cavender

Email: samc@bsd29j.com


Mr. Kenny Fields

Email: kennethf@bsd29j.com





Mr. Keith Yaich X8204

Email: Keithy@bsd29j.com



Mrs. Sharon Hoff X8000

Email: Sharonh@bsd29j.com



Ms. Jennifer West X7379

Email: Jenniferw@bsd29j.com



Technology Director

Jeff Bain

Email: Jeffb@bsd29j.com


Eddie O'Callaghan

Email: Eddieo@bsd29j.com


Cameron Schluchtner

Email: Camerons@bsd29j.com



Transportation Director

Ms. Jerri Jackson X8206

Email: Jerrij@bsd29j.com


Food Services Director

Mrs. Peggy Lester X1213
Email: Margaretl@bsd29j.com