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Laptop Problems Not Chrome Book

If you have a Laptop computer that you checked out from the district this help page is for you.  You can tell you have a Laptop, and not a Chrome book, because it will be a Dell Latitude. If you have a Chrome Book you will see the Chrome logo on the lid, like the image bellow. 
We have been having some troubles with the Dell Latitude laptops. I am sorry for the frustration you may have had. We have been really scrambling to make everything work outside of the district.  If you are having trouble with the laptops, as listed below. Please follow the fix instructions. 
     1. Can't connect to your home wireless.
     2. You need zoom installed.
     3. You can't play youtube videos. 
     4. The internet is say non secure connection.
     5. You can not logon to the laptop.
     6. and more
If you follow the directions below, this should fix most issues with the laptops. 
     1. You will need to go to the school districts High School parking lot, and park near the main office doors. Then connect to the staff wireless. If the laptop came from the intermediate school you may need to go to their parking lot, and connect to their wireless. 
     2. Once you are connected to the wireless, Click on Other User. Then logon with the following user
                a. User Name: BSD
                b. Password: GoTigers#1
     3. Once the laptop has logged on and you can see the desktop, then you should be good to go. This will take about 5 minuets. Don't leave until you see the desktop.