Update Your Contact Information in IC

To request your contact information update, please send in a help desk request and provide the following information. You can submit a help desk by emailing help@bsd29j.com Please list all information, and more if needed. If you provide all your contact information I will verify it for you.
1. Provide your phone number, Street Address, Mailing Address, and email address.
    This is the information I will use to update your contact information.
2. What is your preferred method of being contacted?
3. Next Please provide the following information for identity reasons. This part is required.
         a) The email sent to the help desk must come from the same email address
              listed in your contacts with the schools.
         b) Provide your full name, as listed with the schools.
         c) List the full name of each of your students that attend
             Bennett School District.
         d) Provide each of your student id number. This would be the same as their
             lunch number. You can ask your student for it.
         e) Provide us the phone number that is listed in your contacts with the
             Bennett School District.